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Calibrated Success Advanced Tuning Series Ep. 1-4 - NEW LOWER PRICE with 6 HOURS OF TRAINING!


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GREG BANISH!  No matter if you've been tuning for years or just getting started these principles of calibration are GAME Changing!  Now at a great value that can't be beat. 

Advanced Tuning Series Episode 1-4

Episode 1, (Basic Setup), helps you ensure that a vehicle is ready for tuning on the dyno, essential tools are equipment are on hand and that your tuning facility has the proper load bearing dynamometer with adequate ventilation for safe and accurate tuning.  Voltage drops, vehicle schematics, sensors, fluid leaks are even fire extinguishers are discussed.

Episode 2, (Injectors and Fuel Systems), is a deep dive into fuel injectors, injector characterization testing with SAE J1832, fuel chemistry and fuel systems. The effects of injector dead time, voltage offset, fuel pressure, spray pattern and system design considerations are discussed in extensive detail.  Fuel chemistry and lambda's influence on torque production is also discussed.

Episode 3 (Airflow Measurement), brings forward the importance of accurate air charge estimation for correct fuel delivery throughout the entire operation range. Speed Density and MAF strategies are explained and compared in detail.

Episode 4 (Ignition Systems and Spark Advance), concludes these 4 videos with the importance of a strong ignition system and ignition timing's effect of torque production and safe engine operation. Coil testing, dwell and system voltage are discussed.  Ignition timing's effect on MBT and determining the safe side of peak torque are presented by Banish in an understandable format that enthusiast's, car builder and experienced tuners can appreciate.  

At the end of episodes 1 through 4 we believe that students should have a decent running vehicle that drives rather well and is now prepared for our upcoming drill down training.  Hang with us folks, we are going to turn you into calibrators!

NOTE: All video content is non refundable.  Defective media will be replaced on an exchange basis only.